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GalaPro is a solution for everyone. From patrons who use access services such as closed captioning, amplification or audio description to those who prefer to access the show in their native language via subtitles or audio dubbing. Many of our users find the closed caption service helpful to follow the show, especially when the actors have distinct accents or speak quickly.

Venues providing accessibility services through the GalaPro app no longer have to set special performance dates for open captioned or audio described services. With GalaPro, these services are available at every single performance and patrons may sit anywhere in the venue to use access them on their own mobile device. All content is provided in real time, using speech recognition technology, developed specifically for live performances and shows. With GalaPro everyone can enjoy the show at every single performance.

How does it work? Simply download the app and choose from our participating theaters. Search by city or current location. Choose your preferred theater and view the shows offered and the variety of the available languages and accessibility services.

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GalaPro Services

GalaPro offers different services for each venue or production. Please check in advance that the service you are interested in is available at your upcoming show/venue.


Subtitles (Language Translation)

Choose your own language

Enjoy the show in your native language on your own phone, real-time throughout the performance. Use the app settings to adjust font size and brightness. This service can be used in tandem with any audio service available at the show.

Closed Captions

Closed Captions

CC On your own device

Use closed captioning (CC) to follow along and enjoy the show on your own device. CC is always available in the spoken language of the performance. Use the app settings to adjust font size and brightness. This service can be used in tandem with any audio service available at the show.

Audio Description 

Audio Description 

Connect your headphones to connect from every seat in the theater

Connect your headphones before the show begins to hear the pre-show description that includes character, set, and surroundings description. Listen along during the show to hear a detailed account of the action happening on stage.



Connect your headphones to hear the show’s  full spoken lines in your native language

Our dubbing services work simultaneously throughout the show and provide our users with a complete experience in their native language.



Boost the volume with your own device

Connect your headset to the device and use the amplified audio to enjoy and follow the show. This service can be used with Closed Captions or Subtitles

Movie Automatic Mode


Let GalaPro automatically search for your film

Let GalaPro’s Automatic Video Search find your film in our database and share the services directly to your mobile device. The Auto-Search feature will even work if you forget to use it in the beginning of the film. Search from any point in the video, in any physical location and GalaPro will find the film.

Live Captioning

Live Captioning

For Conferences and Improvised Shows

Connect GalaPro’s Live captioning service to your local CART (Computer-Assisted Real Time Captioning) provider and enjoy live streamed captioning through the GalaPro app. No need for big screens to be set up. A great solution for any unscripted event.