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GalaPro. short for GalaPrompter, began as an Israel-based company in 2015 by Hagai Pipko and Dr. Elena Litsyn. Before the app piloted in select venues in 2016, deaf audiences were limited to roughly four captioned Broadway performances per month in New York City. Audio description performances - where orators articulate design and staging via a personal listening device to blind or low-vision patrons,- happened even less frequently. The GalaPro team saw this as a disservice to those communities.
GalaPro, is now the leading provider for in-show services in the theater industry. Broadway in New York has implemented GalaPro in 90% of theaters and over 30 Broadway touring venues have partnered with GalaPro, services are also available in over 20 regional markets across North America. The GalaPro app is available on iOS/Android and offers users a comprehensive understanding of their experience providing closed captioning, language subtitles, audio description, amplification and dubbing in their native language while
providing venues with new user data, cutting edge marketing tools and a direct connection to their patrons. GalaPro is currently expanding to the West End, Europe, and Australia while launching Smart Glasses compatibility, as well as amplification services, automated film features, and an innovative interface that can be used for museums, visitor centers and exhibitions.

In 2022, the GalaPro app and properties were acquired by longtime supporter of GalaPro -The Shubert Organization.

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The People of GalaPro
Hagai Pipko
Hagai Pipko

Co-founder and CEO

With more than 15 years of experience in software engineering, Hagai brings technical savvy to GalaPro to bring theater accessibility to the next digital level. Hagai’s career trajectory speaks to his strengths, landing his first full-time position at a startup at 17. Since then, he has held leadership and management positions ranging from various small startups to high-tech companies including RADVISION, Microsoft, and myThings.

Dr. Elena Litsyn
Dr. Elena Litsyn

Co-Founder and President

Dr. Elena Litsyn is GalaPro co-founder and seed investor. A multilingual connoisseur of opera and theater, Dr. Litsyn noticed a gap in accessible live performance that needed to be filled. Inspired by the rapid digitalization of every day services, she realized there was an opportunity to make cultural experiences transcend language, audio, and disability boundaries. Beyond the theater, Dr. Litsyn is also an expert in mathematical models.

Live Captioning
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