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GalaPro App

Entertainment For Everyone

Imagine travelling to a new city and enjoying a local event or show in your native language. Now, imagine enjoying closed captions or audio description at any performance you would like to attend without having to wait for the one scheduled accessible show. Our revolutionary, patent pending, app enhances the audience experience by delivering individual closed captioning and audio description to the user's own mobile device. All content is provided in real time, using speech recognition technology, developed specifically for live performances and shows. With GalaPro everyone can enjoy the show at every single performance.


Our technology is designed to provide an inclusive experience that is discreet for the user and does not disturb the surrounding audience members. Our product is used in the leading Broadway theaters and has been enjoyed by thousands of users across North America. GalaPro is a solution for everyone, from seasoned opera and theater lovers, to travelers who need accessible solutions, for film festivals or films on your own TV, to exhibitions and museums or even live concerts, GalaPro’s innovative technology will provide all content on demand. Go ahead and see any show in the GalaPro portfolio! GalaPro will make sure you understand it all.

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What We Do

Our mission is to make entertainment accessible and inclusive to everyone, at any venue, in any seat, anywhere in the world.

How does GalaPro work? Simply download the free app from your App Store or Google Play. For new users, you will need to register when you initially download the app. Choose your city and your service. For Theater, you will need to set your phone to airplane mode and connect to the local GalaPro Wifi network right before the shows starts. For audio services, connect your headset. After setup is complete, all content will start streaming to your device automatically when they shows begins.

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