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    Live shows, theater, music and opera can include everyone, anywhere...

  • What We Do

    Our mission is to make theater and live performances accessible to everyone, in their own language, all over the world

    GalaPro opens the curtains to a universal cultural experience by delivering automated multilingual subtitles, closed captioning, dubbing, audio descriptions, and amplification to the user's own mobile device.


    Imagine traveling to Japan, dropping in last-minute at a Kabuki performance and understanding it or attending Madame Butterfly for the first time without having to read a recap online just to make sure you’ll be able to follow the story.


    Enter the GalaPro app, where live cultural experiences are accessible, understandable, and enjoyable at the simple touch of a button. GalaPro is a natural solution for accessibility to the performing arts and live shows. The GalaPro app allows audiences to customize the live performance experience - from opera to plays and musicals - all in their own language.


    This revolutionary, patent pending app enhances the audience’s experience by delivering individual multilingual subtitles, closed captioning, dubbing, audio description, and amplification to the user's own mobile device. All content is provided in real time, using voice recognition technology, developed specifically for theater and live performances. This means anyone can enjoy the show at every single performance.


    GalaPro is a solution for everyone, from seasoned opera and theater lovers to travelers, who need accessible solutions. Go ahead and see a show - any show! GalaPro will make sure you understand it all.


    Venues providing their accessibility services with the GalaPro app no longer have to set special dates for open captioned or audio described performances. With GalaPro, these services are available every single performance and patrons can sit anywhere in the venue to use them.


    How does it work? Simply download the app and choose from our participating theaters. You can search by city or current location. Once you choose your preferred theater you will be able to see the show offered with any variety of the available languages and accessibility services.

    Subtitles & Closed Captioning

    Customize your font size and brightness

    Choose your preferred language from dozens of options. Customize your screen by choosing brightness and font size. Subtitles or closed captioning will appear as soon the show starts.


    Prefer to use audio services for translation?

    Just plug in your headset and choose your language. Adjust the volume and follow along with a live translation on-demand.

    Audio Description & Amplification

    Use your headphones to hear from every seat in the theater

    These services are available to make sure the theater is accessible to everyone, no matter where they are seated. Plug in your headset, choose your preferred volume and enjoy.

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  • Featured Shows

    GalaPro currently offers its services for the following venues and productions.
    Follow us for updates about new cities in your area providing GalaPro.

  • Featured Broadway tours

    GalaPro currently offers its services for the following Broadway tours in participating venues.

    Please contact your local touring venue to find out if they have installed GalaPro.

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  • Language translation

    The Following Productions Offer Language Translation in NYC


    Eng CC & AD







    Simplified Chinese

    Come From Away

    Eng CC & AD

    Simplified Chinese




    Kiss me, Kate!

    Eng CC & AD



    Dear Evan Hansen

    Eng CC & AD



    King Kong

    Eng CC & AD



    Simplified Chinese


    Phantom of the Opera

    Eng CC & AD



    Simplified Chinese

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  • live captioning

    GalaPro captioning for conferences is provided by GalaPro together with TotalCaption.

    Our unique service enables conferences, conventions and lectures all around North America to provide live captioning directly to the user’s own mobile device, in real-time

    Our unique service enables conferences, conventions, and lectures all around North America to provide live captioning directly to the user’s own mobile device in real time.

    Many event attendees would be best served by a fully accessible event or conference. By providing captions for people with hearing loss, organizers are not only providing accessibility as required under the Americans with Disabilities Act, they are also providing a service from which many of their attendees will benefit and use throughout the event.


    Events providing CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) captioning via GalaPro mobile app can now enjoy a solution that provides their audiences with a reliable and customized service. Users can view the captions from any seat in the venue. The app is fully customizable on personal mobile devices, giving the user many viewing options to meet their individual needs. Venues can provide CART in every session room without the need to rent screens for each location.


    The GalaPro App was originally designed to provide accessibility and translation for live shows. For events that are pre-scripted such as theater and opera we prepare the content and use automated voice recognition technology to deliver the content directly to each user’s device based on the services and language they choose. The services currently offered are closed captions, audio description, and multilingual subtitles and dubbing.


    For non-scripted events such as conferences and lectures we partner with TotalCaption, the leading CART provider in North America to provide audiences with live captions.


    TotalCaption is one of the largest nationwide full-service providers of speech-to-text CART captioning. Our experienced team of CART Providers works with businesses, academia, and the government to deliver greater accessibility for people with hearing loss. In addition to real time CART, which can be delivered to the consumer in many ways such as via GalaPro, remotely over the Internet, projected for an audience, or individually, TotalCaption also provides transcription services and web captioning, giving the deaf and hard-of-hearing community full accessibility everywhere


    For more information, please contact info@totalcaption.com or visit our website www.totalcaption.com.

    For more information on GalaPro live captioning for your next event please contact sales@galapro.com.

  • About Our Company

    We Always Strive For The Best.

    Our Passion


    Since we came up with the idea of an app that helps make live performances accessible to all people, we have been working to bring our dream to life.


    We are theater, opera, and live show lovers who have attended performances around the world for many years. The idea for the GalaPro app came up one day while we were attending an opera performance that did have subtitles above the stage, but they were somewhat difficult to see and only in one language. GalaPrompter was born of the idea that live shows, theater, cinema and opera could be an experience anyone can enjoy, breaking down language, cultural and even physical barriers to make them accessible to all.


    Once we had this idea, we couldn’t rest. We formed a great team and started to design a system to support all opera and theater subtitling, dubbing and amplification that didn’t require any installations or expensive hardware.


    We realized we could extend it to all kinds of events once we had language capabilities - from conferences, to cinema, to lectures and more! The use of GalaPrompter marked the first time cell phones were welcomed into theaters; our technology means no back-light on the phone and that any incoming messages and phone calls are immediately blocked, resulting in a distraction-free experience for other guests and patrons. A natural next step was to extend accessibility beyond translation. We decided to digitize show programs, cast and theater info, and make it easy to buy your next ticket. We also wanted to create a social element, allowing patrons to rate shows while expanding the live theater and opera community in general.

  • Meet Our Team




    Hagai Pipko

    Co-founder and CTO

    With more than 15 years of experience in software engineering, Hagai brings the technical savvy to take accessible theater to the next digital level. Hagai’s career trajectory speaks to his strengths, landing his first full-time position at a startup at 17. Since then, he’s held leadership and management positions ranging from various small startups in Israel to high-tech companies such as RADVISION, Microsoft, and myThings.

    Dr. Elena Litsyn

    Co-founder and President

    Dr. Elena Litsyn is GalaPrompter’s co-founder and seed investor. A multilingual connoisseur of opera and theater, Dr. Litsyn noticed a gap in accessible live performance that needed to be filled. Inspired by the rapid digitization of everything from laundry to car services, she realized here was an opportunity to make cultural experiences transcend language, audio, and national boundaries. Beyond the theater, Dr. Litsyn is also an expert in mathematical models.

    Yonat Burlin


    Yonat comes with a vision to join her passions in technology, culture, and entrepreneurship into one great product. In previous roles, as VP Business Development and as the senior project manager for DLD Tel Aviv, Yonat has worked closely with entrepreneurs, startups, and hi-tech companies gaining comprehensive knowledge of the global startup ecosystem. She brings with her extensive experience in PR, Social Media, and online advertising.

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