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Imagine traveling to the other side of the world and watching a show in your own language, or using your phone to make the movie you are watching at home accessible. How about going to an amusement park and understanding all the shows, or having the words to all your favorite songs when watching your favorite band?

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What We Do

Our mission is to make the world of entertainment accessible and inclusive to everyone, at any venue, in any seat, anywhere in the world.

GalaPro opens the curtains to a universal cultural experience by delivering automated multilingual subtitles, closed captioning, dubbing, audio description, and amplification to the user's own mobile device.

Imagine travelling to a new city and enjoying a local event or show in your native language. Imagine enjoying closed captions or audio description at any performance you would like to attend without having to wait for the one scheduled accessible show.

GalaPro Services



(Language Translation)

Choose your prefered language



Connect your headphones and enjoy listening to the show in your native language

Closed Captions

Closed Captions

CC on your own device



Boost the volume with your own device

Audio Description

Audio Description

Connect your headphones to hear and enjoy from every seat in the theater

Movie Automatic Mode


Let GalaPro automatically search for your Film


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GalaPro Team

We Always Strive For The Best

When GalaPro started in 2015 our vision was to make the world of entertainment inclusive to all. Since we came up with the idea, we have been working to bring our dream to life.  



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